Every day is a gift!

Here at Made In The Shady, we wholeheartedly believe that naturally handcrafted gifts help and encourage you to create those much-needed moments of pause in your day. Whether it's a gift for your friend, a surprise for a family member, or a little something special for yourself, a thoughtful care package can bring a ray of sunshine to any gloomy day.

In a fast-paced world full of never-ending to-do lists and endless noise, it's no wonder that finding time for yourself is often the last thing on your list, which makes finding time all that more important. Through our mindfully created collection of naturally handcrafted products, we want to help you and your loved ones to rediscover those moments of pause in your day. We make those little 'special' things that help encourage you to that time to breathe deeply, reconnect to what really matters and give thanks - because… every day is a gift.

Discover our thoughtfully crafted gift boxes with handpicked products for you, your loved one, or your pet. Our items are all handcrafted with love and care and help put a little more of that same love and care into your day.
Savor the sweet taste of organic honey made by our bees that forage the Cherokee National Forrest and surrounding meadows bursting with native wildflowers. Embrace the power of aromatherapy using the essential oils and skincare products concocted from the herbs that we grow and pick from our gardens. Above all else, enjoy the gift of comfort that will help pause your body, soothe your mind and relax your soul.

Here's wishing you many more days of walking on sunshine!

– Holly Browder
CEO & Designer

  • Made in the Shady - naturally handcrafted skincare and aromatherapy products

    Naturally handcrafted products

    We handcraft our products in small batches. They're then handpicked for each gift box to ensure that they fit the specific occasion they're intended to. Apart from the products we make ourselves, our gift boxes also contain handmade products sourced from local suppliers who share our vision of high quality and sustainability.

  • Made in the Shady values - local products from the heart of Appalachian Mountains

    Direct from the Appalachian Mountains

    We use our homegrown herbs and honey from our 30 beehives to create our skincare and aromatherapy products. As certified honeybee keepers, our bees are free to forage in the Cherokee National Forrest and meadows full of native wildflowers. Each batch is unique in flavor and color, celebrating the season's flavors, meaning you're genuinely experiencing our bees' skills.

  • Made in the Shady values - 100% natural organic formulas

    100% natural formulas

    We use only the purest, pronounceable, limited ingredients and most natural formulas. You'll never find any "nasties" in our products (no GMO, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colors, fragrances, palm oil, etc.). Our products are sustainable and eco-friendly and are never tested on animals.

  • Made in the Shady values - sustainable eco-friendly packaging

    Eco-friendly packaging

    We take sustainability very seriously and apply it to all aspects of our lives. So we'll also make sure that your order is packed and shipped in eco-friendly mailers.