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Made in the Shady

All Purpose Pet Salve: with Comfrey • 3oz tin

All Purpose Pet Salve: with Comfrey • 3oz tin

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Made In The Shady presents our all-purpose pet herbal salve, a versatile solution for various conditions. This healing balm, specially formulated for cats and dogs, is made with 100% organic herbs to nurture and protect your beloved pets. 

Pet Salve is not only a go-to first aid ointment for our own furry friends, but also for ourselves (let's be honest!). Infused with the goodness of comfrey, sweet orange, and frankincense, this powerful salve provides fast-acting relief for your pets' ailments. 

Unparalleled Benefits of Pet Salve:

  • Natural Healing: Speeds up recovery from a variety of common skin conditions. Comfrey regenerates cell growth rapidly & naturally on skin, down to the muscles & even down to the bone! 
  • Antibacterial Power: Protects against infections, replacing the need for traditional antibiotic ointments.
  • Safety: Designed for pets of all ages, it's lickable and safe, extending its benefits to humans too!
  • Comfort and Relief: Alleviates discomfort while promoting softer, healthier skin.
  • Versatile: Apply it anywhere on the body for optimal care - and it works great for humans, too!

Effective for:

  • Bug Bite
  • Hot Spots
  • Scrapes, scratches, and minor abrasions
  • Dermatitis
  • Cracked or injured noses and paws
  • Bacterial infections
  • Small surface wounds
  • Minor burns
  • Joint ot Muscle Pain
  • Sprains

     If irritation occurs discontinue use.

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    Handcrafted in small batches with infused Beeswax*, Coconut Oil* with Comfrey Leaves* & Calendula Petals*. Sweet Orange & Frankincense Essential Oil Blend.

     * certified organic ingredient

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